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Thursday, May 15, 2014

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All the food I've been preparing from the 30 Day Vegan workshop has been just beautiful.  Lots of vibrant colors and fresh bright flavors.

I took the workshop before and enjoyed it, but I love all the tweaks Heather has made and the recipes are absolutely wonderful.  Pete and I agreed in the beginning that we had no plans to follow the Vegan diet completely but with our own adjustments (we are keeping fish, eggs, and butter) we love it.  Pete is also adding juice to his mornings along with me.  I've been drinking fresh vegetable juice for over 2 years now and it is good to listen to him share how much it helps him not crave the junk food throughout the day.  He also has not complained of being hungry during our first week of the workshop, so I hope his cholesterol is going down, down, down.  He has 90 days to get it down or else medication - we are working hard on it.  I'm also joining Heather's This Week In My Kitchen : Blog Hop along with the Pretty, Happy, Funny Real.  I hope you don't mind the double link up!

Deep breath and big sigh.  I could not be prouder of Noah, the baby who brought my heart into this world.  He accomplished something that I never did and it just makes my heart swell with respect, pride, name it.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stephen F. Austin University last Saturday.  
 If Pete and I look a little disheveled in this photo it is because we are.  We got up at 2:45 am to drive down and be there in time to load up his belongings before the graduation ceremony.  It was worth the trouble and everything went smoothly other than the fact that we are not spring chicks anymore and that kind of schedule leaves us a little weary.  Weary and wonderful was the day though.  

My bookends.  I know that large family life isn't for everyone.  This photo reminds me of why I feel so blessed by our large family.  The age difference here is 14 years, and yet they are brothers.  One looking up to the other in only the way a little brother can.  They make me very happy.

So here are the #4 Maniacal and #5 Blue Steel faces that they keep striking in order to deter me from taking photos - but it doesn't work.  

We stopped at Hushpuppies in Henderson, Tx on our way home from the graduation.  I love the look of complete satisfaction as #9 enjoys his hamburger.  We tried to persuade him to eat some Cajun style shrimp or fish but all he wanted was a hangaburger (we call them that because when Noah was a toddler that is how he said Hamburger).


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