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Thursday, March 31, 2016

~Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ (and a catch up post)

Capturing the Context of Contentment
In Every Day Life

These Georgia Peaches are the best, and belong under {Pretty}.
I only wish Judy had been in the picture, we actually call her
Beautiful Judy, we love her so much.

My Mom and Betty (a cousin, but more like an Aunt).  
They are both so lovely (and classy), true Southern Women.  

Growing up, I was quite proud of the fact that I had an Aunt that looked like Vivien Leigh.  I know Charlene would scoff, but I really thought it made 'me' special that she was 'my' Aunt.  Charlene has a way of always making you feel important, visiting her in Georgia was such a treat.

My Granddad passed away recently, this spray for his Casket was just beautiful.  
There is a post about this coming up.  A post about friendship, about family, and about loss.  I'm still pondering on it though.

My husband sent me these beautiful roses for Valentine's Day.  He is the best!

It has been so long since I blogged.  I have quite a bit to share~

We all gathered in February to celebrate two 40th Birthdays for 
my brother-n-law and sister-n-law.  When we gather together, there is a great deal of happiness, add live music and great food - well, it was one fun night!

We were a little road worn, and dirty from cleaning up my Granddad's house but still enjoyed being together.  My Mom and I share a very dear friend, her being there with us made us both very {happy}. 

My Aunt Jane made me promise not to show a picture of her, but that is why my Mom is smiling.  Jane and my Mom, when together laugh, and LAUGH. 
 It is always fun to be around them.

I arrived back from Georgia just in time to celebrate Pete's birthday.  Pete's Mom stepped in for me (thank you so much Barbara) to make sure Pete had a special day.  I had planned a party at our house, but unexpected travel to Georgia made that difficult.  Pete still had a great birthday though.

The weather finally being warm enough to eat outside and cool enough for no mosquitoes.

Ben found the Golden Egg!

Eight cousins were missing (and were missed) and two of my grown children, but here are the Scheibmeir Grandkids from Easter 2016, these kids make us all SO happy!

I don't think any other photos can beat this!


Pete was in 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'.  
(these are rehearsal photos, before the set was built)
We let our kids audition to be 'no neck monsters' and Faith convinced Pete to
get up there too.  When he was offered a part, he couldn't believe it and doubted himself for quite a while, but in the end he enjoyed it immensely and looks forward to being in another show one day.  
Theater is addictive, especially our local Theater.

Finally, one more real:
I am no longer working outside the home, which means there will be more blogging  sharing our family, Faith, food, and all the 9Peas adventures.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

A Fairy Picnic {For Backstage}

Fairies work up quite an appetite while performing!
After a few nights of arriving by 6 pm (some nights 5) and arriving home after 10, it became clear that I would need to pack a picnic for my thespians.

We couldn't have any food that would drip or stain their costumes, and we needed something easy.
This brought to mind a recipe I got from My Crazy Life As A Farmer's Wife.  Sherelle calls them Piggies in a Blanket - we call them Hogs in a Sleeping Bag BUT they have been renamed "Ring Around the Rosies" (my oldest son feels it is appropriate to name hot dogs after the plague, and I think it sounds whimsical - to each his own)

I forgot to take photos last night while they were piping hot - these have just come out of the refrigerator, so they are a little shriveled.
Here is a better photo from Instagram!
I make these quite often, we love them.  
(Infact I make a alot of Sherelle's recipes, go check them out)

*Fairies backstage at our outdoor amphitheater*

Beyond the Ring Around the Rosies sprinkled with Fairy Dust (Parmesan cheese).  I also included some Kerrygold Irish Dubliner *affiliate link*
some strawberries, carrot sticks (fairy wands),and popcorn (butter flowers).  Last but not least I filled a cooler with this delicious herbal tea to keep them refreshed.

Tazo Refresh Mint - 15 Full Leaf Sachets - Caffeine-Free *affiiliate link*

We love a good picnic, and backstage food has to meet a certain criteria so as not to mess up makeup or costumes.  We love coming up with themed picnics and are already tossing ideas for next weekend's picnics.
* A piece of advice about theater and children.  Keeping them well hydrated and giving them sustaining snacks goes a long way toward everyone having a positive experience.  When blood sugar starts to drop, children get cranky and are no longer feeling that bright lovely energy- that energy transfers so well to the stage.  So does the negative, tired cranky child (which no one wants to see).  We even take naps if possible before a late night performance, all this go a long way towards a thriving show.  Children (when cranky or have that over tired craziness) can be taxing on some of the adult actors who truly enjoy your child, but need to prepare for their own stage time.  A cranky set of children can bring the whole cast down, it is stressful.  Prep everyone for success!  Most of all, when your child feels good, they naturally perform well, and go home glowing from a great show*

Our director, Diana Adair arranged for fantastic food at a very fair price to be served during intermission - we are so lucky to have her!  I just love packing a good, themed picnic and making sure there is enough to share!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Midsummer Night Dream

When we first learned of a new event for our Community, we all wanted to be a part of it.  I also knew it was set during a marathon of back to back BIG events for our family.  In the end, we obviously  decided to take part in the inaugural production of Shakespeare in the Grove and are we ever glad we did.  It has been worth the crammed schedule and extra on our plate because each time we come together with this group of talented and amazing people - magic happens, and that translates on the stage.  I love it, I love that my kids are a part of it, I love working with all these wonderful people and what a perfect way to introduce my younger children to Shakespeare! We will cherish these memories always.

The Rude Mechanicals during a dress rehearsal.  The two in the middle are my #1 and #6, such a delight to see them on stage together.  

#8 as Moth.  He has been such a trooper with the late nights, a rainstorm that happened on opening night bringing the entire audience back stage and onto the stage with the downpour.  He kept exclaiming about how fun it all was.  I love his sweet attitude!  The show did go on that night, and it was so fun - we did a sing a long while the rain poured down then everyone took their seat when it stopped.  As night fell, a cool breeze took over and it could not have been more perfect for a Hot Texas night!

These guys amaze me each evening, their performances just keep getting better and better!

The Lion is just one of my favorite parts of the whole play and Noah plays the Man in the Moon - this scene is awesome!
"and roar again"

Midsummer has so many great lines it is hard to narrow it down to my favorites.  
"Though she be small she is fierce" is a personal favorite since I barely hit 5 ft tall.

"I kiss the hole in the wall, and not your lips at all" - my son shouts this louder every night, just so everybody knows.  His high pitched Thisbe voice, is perfect and he is at that time in a boy's life when his voice is cracking which lends itself well at all the best moments.  He has a very hard time keeping a straight face, but stays in character nonetheless.  Noah (our resident Shakespeare expert has been the best about explaining, your an actor in a play, playing another actor).  Tobi gets it though, and is having fun as Frances Flute (and Thisbe)

She LOVES her fairy makeup, and I love that she is Mustard Seed.  One of our very dear friends and his wife gave Faith a necklace with a Mustard Seed in it, it is very special.  
We do love our theater family, and will be so sad when this production comes to a close.  
Until next year, regardless if we are on the stage or off, we want to help make this a successful recurring event for our town.  
We have one more weekend of performances and I cannot recommend coming enough!   Here is a local news article about the show!
KXII News 12 Shakespeare Comes to Texoma

Monday, April 28, 2014


Our Friday began with going to a Theatricks Workshop presentation of  "101 Dalmatians" &
 "Robin Hood".
I helped out with the costumes in these fun shows and two of the boys helped out with the workshop.

Tobias (in the hat) played the role of Tobias in Robin Hood - his character was constantly eating in the show so he didn't have to dig too deep to connect with the character and give a performance.  We were really impressed with all the kids, they only had 2 days a week for 3 weeks to put these on, a great job was done by all.

Simon played Little John, chosen because he towers over everyone.  At only 14 he is mistaken for much older all the time.

Once the show was over, we traveled the airport to bring home our Marine!  Here he is enjoying some Saturday morning Duck Tales with #9.  

Saturday evening we enjoyed Sherman's Symphony Orchestra. We are so fortunate our community is blessed with this Orchestra.  Students get in for free, FREE.  It is such a gift to let our children enjoy this culture and the entire evening is family friendly as well as affordable for a large family (like us).  We like to go for ice cream afterwards and hear what the kids thought.  The second part of the program was from a teenage composer, D. Shostakovich, this impressed the older boys a great deal.  Elijah even noted that he thought it sounded like teenage angst in one part.  I love that he said that, and that he was paying attention.

Sunday, Faith helped me prepare a huge Sunday dinner with Jonah's favorites.  Although I didn't make everyone's favorite (tator tot casserole) (and that was brought up more than once) the meal was enjoyed by all and my Mom was able to join us. 
I really let Faith help me, I relied on her for the first time really and she was a HUGE helper in the kitchen.  I am so proud of her!

They are already fighting over who is getting too much mac & cheese.
The menu was:
Baked Ham
Oven Roasted Broccoli

I wish #1 Noah was home for this, but he will be here after graduation on May 10th.  
Oh, and we also had some Apple Pie for dessert!

My heart is full. Divine Mercy Sunday was beautiful.  Canonizations, great feasting, great family.  The older boys ended Sunday with work and Youth Group, I got some gardening in and relaxed with Pete being home!  Then I got to go visit with my sister-n-law, perfect ending to the weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So Much Brewing Behind the Scenes

The above photo is of a giveaway I'll be hosting next week!  I am really excited about it, my first giveaway!  A friend of mine makes these amazing soaps, owns and operates For Goodness Soap!  I'll share more details next week, but wanted to share that this was coming.  

I also have some guest bloggers next week while I'm away.  You guys are in for a treat!
I will be back later today or tomorrow for a post.  I'm following up on my Mothering Boys - Humor is Key regarding how this works when you have a sensitive child.  I have one or two, and get the concern a mother may have when using humor.

Also, we've been busy with auditions for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Two of my children made the cast and we are thrilled!  It has kept me from blogging the last two days and will continue to keep me busy but I'll still be around.  I love blogging and documenting our days.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Re-inventing Mother
~Capturing the weekend in pictures Friday through Monday
On Friday we enjoyed beautiful weather and my sons continue to 'make' bow and arrows out of any wood/branch they can find in the yard.  My yard also looks like a junk yard through out the weekend as the patio furniture keeps getting reworked into fabulous forts and elaborate constructions for whatever imagination driven quest they are on - I truly love this too, and let that over ride my 'house beautiful' desire for a back yard.  My Catholic School boys had the day off, so we enjoyed another hike and having them around for the day.  We truly love their school, too bad it only goes through 8th grade!  We also had another performance of Frankenstein and #4 had to work until midnight at Braums.

Saturday brought about two soccer games, the ACT test for #2, as well as Rosary, Confession, Mass.  Saturday evening 2 of my boys babysat for the Youth Group Parent's Night Out Fundraiser, we had a performance of Frankenstein and we enjoyed a late night movie after the show.  #4 & #5 also worked up until Mass time at Braums - this always creates shrewd planning to get everybody where they need to be.  Pete has been home this weekend, so the struggle to jump through those hoops was minimized!

Making friends with Sugar, a sweet Mini-Australian Shepherd at #8's soccer game. *Instagram*

Sunday after the final showing of Frankenstein (although there is an encore performance on Halloween complete with costume contest).  We also went to CCD and I taught my class with Ms. Brenda (who I just love).   Pete made us the most delicious fajitas for when we came home from the show and we decided last minute to go watch a movie for the evening.  We had planned to have a game night, but on the spur of the moment we changed plans.  What a fun evening it was too, and the theater was pretty much all ours!

 Finally, I wanted to share something that a good friend shared with me.
Crock pot, Steel Cut Oats
This is SOOOO very easy, nutritious and nice to wake up to, especially on a cold morning.
I just measure out about (for my family) 10 cups water, and 3 1/2 cups Steel Cut Oats.
I do this right before I go to bed at night.
I set the crock pot on low.
We wake up to perfect Oatmeal (Or as #9 calls is 'oartmeal').
I set up a small buffet of butter, maple syrup, a bowl of berries, and cinnamon
The kids make up their bowls the way they like it.
Add buttered toast and you have a VERY easy breakfast you can feel good about fueling your children up with to start their day!
Thanks Laura D. for the tip!

*The ratio of 3 cups water to 1 cup oats is about right, so use what would be best for your family*
*Updated to add from my friend Karen:  "I put the oats and water or milk in a bowl that fits inside the crockpot, then I add water to the crockpot and set the bowl of oats and liquid into the water in the crockpot. This creates a 'water bath' so that the oatmeal does not get crusty on the side of the crockpot. I put enough water in the crockpot to come about an inch or two from the top of the oatmeal bowl. Put the lid on the crockpot and cook overnight. Hope this makes sense."   
It does Karen - thank you!
Please join Wanda at Re-Inventing Mother for more Weekending Posts

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