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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taste Test Tuesday - A Cautionary Tale

Well, I have to admit this week was a bust.  We were going to have a big Mac & Cheese bake off this weekend but I had to cancel due to more post operative complications.  I will be so glad when I am released from this, ugh!!

So, I can share this.  We had decided in place of the bake off we would compare store bought mac & cheese with another store bought.  I had the brand pictured above and I decided to fix it one day for lunch as a trial run before the sampling.  We never even made it to the purchasing of another brand because my kiddos didn't eat all of the one pictured above.  A complete waste, and I do NOT have picky eaters.  I won't link to that brand because I hate saying something so negative about a company...but, seriously do NOT buy and do not serve to your children.  This is a cautionary tale, ready my post on eating REAL food here.  The 2nd photo, that is the real deal and we need never depart, not even for Taste Test Tuesday.  
Really, *blek* the first item picture was terrible!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taste Test Tuesday - Mint Chocolate Chip

When we moved to Virginia back in 1998 I didn't realize just how much we would miss our beloved Blue Bell Ice Cream.  *fun fact, the week we moved back to Texas I literally filled a grocery cart with Blue Bell Ice Cream I found on sale. and I don't think the freezer has been absent at least one Blue Bell product since we moved home*   We did find the brand Turkey Hill though, and it was an okay substitute while we lived without our favorite.  When we decided to bring back Taste Test Tuesday, we knew we could not compare anything to Blue Bell because there would be no contest.  We did think it would be a good idea to taste test Braum's and Turkey Hill. We love Braum's, I mean we really REALLY love Braums.  They are committed to natural, fresh dairy products free of hormones.  So for our first Taste Test Tuesday here at 9Peas, we are comparing Braum's Mint Chocolate Chip to Turkey Hill Mint Chocolate Chip.

Each of the kids did a blind taste test because you could 'see' a difference in the ice creams and we wanted to keep this fair and unbiased.

The little ones don't really remember having Taste Test Tuesday, so they thought this was VERY exciting.

Some felt that my sample sizes were way too small.

In the end, every single child voted exactly the same....

Turkey Hill won!

If you have any ideas for our Taste Test Tuesday be sure to share in the comments.  We have so much fun with this, and love new ideas of things to try out!

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