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Thursday, July 7, 2016

~Pretty, Happy, Funny Real~

~Capturing the Context of Contentment in Every Day Life~

~Every Thursday at Like Mother Like Daughter~


My Mom has been downsizing.  She and Papa have decided to move into something more suited to their needs and I do believe it is a perfect fit.  I was the very blessed recipient of some of my Mom's favorite things and I hope it makes her happy to see them being loved here at The Burrow.  
The top photo was my Great Grandmothers bread baking bowl.  It is wooden and she would add all ingredients and knead it then let it rise all within the same bowl.  If you look closely there is an indention in the handle, it is from all the years of use where her thumb held tight onto the bowl.  I love to bake bread, and can see how handy this bowl must have been.  I do not want to harm it though so it will continue it's retirement from bread service but has been put to good use holding fresh fruit on my table.  I love having it out to see, a treasure for sure.
The middle photo are the stained glass windows my Mom placed in the Cathedral style windows of her home.  I plan to add a valance at some point to cover the top, but for now I don't mind that there isn't one.  I got some heavy weight wire wrapped in twine and hung them at my sewing window in my kitchen.  I cannot express how happy they make me.  I have one other stained glass I will share at next weeks PHFR.
The last photo is a sign of my mother's ingenuity.  When my nephew went to live with her as a baby, a very dear friend of hers gave her their own crib to use.  Their daughter no longer needed it, and Mom had grand-babies visiting as well as this special situation.  Once all the babies were all too big for a crib, she took the mattress springs and painted them bright red, then hung all her wind chimes from it.  I have always loved this feature on her back porch and am delighted that now it is on my back porch.  It sounds so pretty out there too.  

Part of my #nourish365 is to document meals etc.  These boys devoured the Broccoli Beef I made last night.  I didn't buy the skirt steak as recommended but used the stew meat I found on sale - and it was still delicious.  It makes me so happy to see them gathered together, we sure miss the ones who cannot be with us due to Military, work, etc.. 

Our bracelets came in.  We have ordered a variety of I.D. bracelets for Ben, but we thought it was a good idea for us to wear them too.  

This came up in my Timehop and I just love it, when I captured this moment I knew it was a gem, my Mom is not a fan of swimming (at all) but when her Grand kids are around she finds herself doing all kinds of things outside of her comfort zone, and having fun!  

These two, oh my goodness.  My cousins were my life growing up, I love staying in touch with them as adults and treasure all our times together.  It does my heart good to see my children have this same experience with their cousins.  I am a firm believer in the wisdom of 'The more people who love your child, the better for your child'.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, especially Grand parents - those are anchors.

Okay, this was seriously one of the best VBS years ever.  Cave Quest was awesome, the program at our parish was so fun, and a great time for learning.  This photo was from one of the games, Linus loved that his team won.  My sister-n-law took this photo for me (and by the way she lead the entire VBS, wow) that is my niece hamming it up in the background which is why I love that little girl so much - and this photo is priceless.  Linus wants VBS to come back for one more week, but we decided to play these games at our next 'all' family get together so that has pacified him for now.  It was seriously fun!

They were all laughing and smiling at their cousin's two year old birthday party until I pulled out my phone to snap a photo - then, the look of 'really Mom, again" and all other shenanigans went down.  

You are darn right I bought it, I wanted to buy them all and send them to my cousins!


Samwise has not been well.  Our poor puppy has suffered with some sort of skin irritation that we think we've finally figured out is food borne.  It is just our way of doing everything that we would fall in love with a dog that needs a designer diet - right, a designer dog.  But...we love him, and he was suffering from all the itching and his hair quickly began to fall out and as the heat poured on outside we just kept him inside but that made him miserable too.  The Vet has placed him on three different medications and a special diet to see if this will provide any relief, she keeps assuring us this is a common condition among German Shepherds, but that doesn't make us or Sam feel any better.  It does help me not feel so guilty about his state, he eats like crazy but has been losing weight.  We have finally rounded a corner this week and I do believe the meds and diet are helping.  This dog, he is just so much a part of our family, we are silly over him, we love him so much.  Everyone has pulled together to try and help him, he has the biggest heart of any animal I've ever met, and it makes us all happy he is feeling better.

Thank you for sticking with this very long PHFR, to see all the link ups or to link up yourself please visit Like Mother Like Daughter for this weeks PHFR.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~
~Every Thursday, at Like Mother, Like Daughter~

Disclaimer, this was actually a few Easters ago.  My phone will not backup and allow me to share my most recent photos and I this photo come up in my Timehop last week. I love how my Mom decorates, she has a gift for it.  

See what I mean, just a warm cozy home.  Her Nun figurines are my MOST favorite, but really she can take anything and make it a thing of beauty.  

This makes me SO VERY happy!  Yesterday was our 25th wedding anniversary.  This is us, a day after our wedding.  We are driving down to Orlando, FL.  Pete was in the Navy and about to begin Nuclear Power School.  We had NO idea what we were getting into, but we've done it together each step of the way.  I love him more each year and look forward to the next 25.


Many years ago, while with our Supper Club (so fun, I miss it). We got onto a subject of lookalikes.  I said Pete looked like Charlie Sheen.  Do you want to know the response? My friends laughed at me!  Laughed at me and NEVER let me live it down.  They would NOT listen to the fact that I was comparing them from our teenage years - oh no, it was going to follow me forever that I had said this.  Poor Pete.  So yesterday when I decided to share this photo of us I also downloaded this photo of Charlie Sheen.  I sent both via text to my very dear friend who had the most fun teasing me about this (her husband looks like Vince Gil, I mean really truly looks like Vince Gil so I get it - she had me), and got a little sassy with the whole 'SEEEEEE".  You'll be happy to know she sent back 'Mia Culpa" and could not believe the resemblance.  If only we'd had this technology back then, I could have proved my point immediately 'humph'.  
While on the subject of lookalikes:
Our son Elijah is clearly Pete's real lookalike.  A comparison Pete prefers very much!

Benjamin had his First Confession.  Pete and I are so, how can I say this - it is like an exhale.  Ben has wanted to receive his First Communion for 2 years now, but we knew he wasn't ready.  He just didn't like being left out of it in Mass.  We tried different approaches to helping him understand, but he was just not able to grasp what was needed for us to feel good about his going through the process.  On Easter, there was a breakthrough, an unexpected but very real breakthrough.  He seemed to finally understand all at once, and it made my heart swell to see within him a desire to know God, talk with God and the whole idea of Heaven seemed to click.  So we decided to move forward with his First Confession.  He became very anxious about the whole thing, and we in no way wanted to pressure him.  Pete and I decided we should let our Priest know that Ben was coming and that we had no idea what to expect.  He may not go through with it, he may do great, he may fall apart.  We really couldn't guess.  
Our Priest was absolutely wonderful with Ben, and Ben did go through with his First Confession.  It doesn't get anymore real than that, seeing your children take part in the Sacraments is so edifying, but when you have a child who struggles, who has Special Needs (Autism) then these moments are even more rare and endearing.  We are so proud of him and so thankful for all those who prayed for him and helped him.  Especially our priest, Fr. Jeremy and Ben's teacher Ms. McDow.  

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

~Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ (and a catch up post)

Capturing the Context of Contentment
In Every Day Life

These Georgia Peaches are the best, and belong under {Pretty}.
I only wish Judy had been in the picture, we actually call her
Beautiful Judy, we love her so much.

My Mom and Betty (a cousin, but more like an Aunt).  
They are both so lovely (and classy), true Southern Women.  

Growing up, I was quite proud of the fact that I had an Aunt that looked like Vivien Leigh.  I know Charlene would scoff, but I really thought it made 'me' special that she was 'my' Aunt.  Charlene has a way of always making you feel important, visiting her in Georgia was such a treat.

My Granddad passed away recently, this spray for his Casket was just beautiful.  
There is a post about this coming up.  A post about friendship, about family, and about loss.  I'm still pondering on it though.

My husband sent me these beautiful roses for Valentine's Day.  He is the best!

It has been so long since I blogged.  I have quite a bit to share~

We all gathered in February to celebrate two 40th Birthdays for 
my brother-n-law and sister-n-law.  When we gather together, there is a great deal of happiness, add live music and great food - well, it was one fun night!

We were a little road worn, and dirty from cleaning up my Granddad's house but still enjoyed being together.  My Mom and I share a very dear friend, her being there with us made us both very {happy}. 

My Aunt Jane made me promise not to show a picture of her, but that is why my Mom is smiling.  Jane and my Mom, when together laugh, and LAUGH. 
 It is always fun to be around them.

I arrived back from Georgia just in time to celebrate Pete's birthday.  Pete's Mom stepped in for me (thank you so much Barbara) to make sure Pete had a special day.  I had planned a party at our house, but unexpected travel to Georgia made that difficult.  Pete still had a great birthday though.

The weather finally being warm enough to eat outside and cool enough for no mosquitoes.

Ben found the Golden Egg!

Eight cousins were missing (and were missed) and two of my grown children, but here are the Scheibmeir Grandkids from Easter 2016, these kids make us all SO happy!

I don't think any other photos can beat this!


Pete was in 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'.  
(these are rehearsal photos, before the set was built)
We let our kids audition to be 'no neck monsters' and Faith convinced Pete to
get up there too.  When he was offered a part, he couldn't believe it and doubted himself for quite a while, but in the end he enjoyed it immensely and looks forward to being in another show one day.  
Theater is addictive, especially our local Theater.

Finally, one more real:
I am no longer working outside the home, which means there will be more blogging  sharing our family, Faith, food, and all the 9Peas adventures.  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life~

~Every Thursday at Like Mother Like Daughter~


I have fallen in love with this movie.  Age of Adaline is visually beautiful, not just Blake Lively but the whole movie.  A formula that is going to capture my attention is one that involves, beautiful cinematography, great sets and beautiful costumes to go along with a good story line.  When we left the theater, Pete said "I know you loved this one, but I liked it really stays with you".  We may be suckers for a sappy love story, but I really did enjoy this one, it is set apart.  It was a love story about Mother's and Daughter's as much as one about letting go and embracing love from another.  Really, the vintage costumes and elegance is what drew me in.  If you love all that, I highly recommend this movie.  Read all the reviews to decide if it meets your personal criteria in terms of 'appropriate'.  We all have our own lines in the sand, this one did not cross mine, but I don't want to assume to know anyone elses.  I loved it.


I got a gift card to JoAnn's for my birthday.  We found this great fabric for my resident Dr. Who fans!  He was NOT excited about being drug to the fabric store, but when he found the isle full of super hero/comic book fabric and then stumbled across Star Wars and Dr. Who it was like a revelation to him.  He kept saying "I didn't know they made this stuff"  "Wow, Mom you could make me all kinds of things out of this" if my que isn't already filled to the brim with projects, but hey - I'm so happy he enjoyed the trip and let me get my shopping done that I'm making him some pj's.  I love this guy!


I seriously believe there is a GWTW meme for any situation, as evidenced by the large file of them that I have between my phone and computer.  
I may have a problem.

*sorry about the language, but this is awesome*

Mammy is my favorite, my absolute most favorite even above Melanie.  
I don't think this movie would have been as good without Hattie McDaniel.
Did you know that Clark Gable refused to attend the premiere because she wasn't invited.  She insisted he attend, and he only did to please her. 
I love learning more about her, she must have been an amazing person.


I was recently reminded of this which caused me to think of a rule I've long held: 
 When someone keeps you arms length, trust them. 
This was brought about after reading the book

*affiliate link*
I love my friends, I've been so richly blessed by being open to new friends.  Women can be notorious, at whatever age, in drawing circles that leave others out.  I really think that the circles drawn are more done so because there is a kinship among the group, and no real intent to leave anyone out.  Sometimes though, wagons are circled and there is a defined barrier thrown up.  Trust this, and don't push through.  The Holy Spirit is often protecting you from something. I've always ALWAYS found this to be true.

*It isn't lost on me that I followed a GWTW meme 'funny' with a statement about kindness...ironic, yes but also funny.  Melanie would never leave anyone out, Scarlet on the other hand is an example of what not to do in just about every situation...except how to dress, eat, and wear curtains properly*

post script
I just reread this and realized it may come across that I'm vague posting.  I'm not.  The last {real} is based on a recent observation, nothing personal to me. I just hate witnessing this type of thing happen and see the pain it causes, I want to encourage the dear person feeling left out.
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