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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Family Movie Night Ideas

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I thought I would put together a list of some of our favorite family movies.  There are many more (we absolutely enjoy a good movie), I'll continue to update this page as I remember them. Feel free to share what your family enjoys in the comments and I'll try to add them as well!

Follow Me, Boys!
This movie is probably one of our most loved from this Classic Disney Genre!

 The Happiest Millionaire

  The Court Jester

 The Trouble With Angels
There is a scene with the girls smoking, just so you know.
We've watched this many times - none of my kids have started smoking.
The more recent movies possibly have a curse word, but over all we love these and find them very entertaining!

Wild America
This one does have a few words and one beach scene with a brief implication of reckless teenage behavior.
I still stand by this movie, we LOVE it and it is based on a true story. Perhaps it is because I have boys, I love the brotherhood shown here in all it's love/frustration and rawness - it is real.  The only bit that we find (as parents) a little bothersome is one of children 'teaching' the parents a lesson, I usually steer clear of that type of theme - Which is why I  never show The Little Mermaid (instead I chose to read the actual version to my children).  I find this story an exception to my rule, because I also don't agree that parents are perfect, I know I'm not and there have been times that my children have taught me a thing or two but not ever in the "I'll show you" way or even with the motive to teach me, more of a "love and humility teach us many lessons"
 Back to the movie, I genuinely love this one despite the occasional language etc...



Nancy Drew (2007)
There is a detail about the mystery involving a baby born out of wedlock to a movie star, and the search for this baby, now grown.  This has never been a springboard for questions of 'why' from my 9 year old daughter, she loves Nancy Drew and all the details of her solving mysteries.  I just wanted to share that disclaimer because it could possibly open a can of worms with your children.


Tuck Everlasting
We first listened to an audio version of this book while day camping at Andy Guest state park in practically our back yard while living in Virginia.  The river was low and the boys swam while I burned through batteries playing this on a portable CD player or maybe even cassette - I forget.  We all remember this very fondly and very idyllic.  It was a beautiful setting for this story, and watching the movie brings back those memories.





I hope you enjoy these suggestions, I will keep updating this list.
I also plan to create a page of my favorite movies as well as movies that are springboards for discussion (particularly with older children, like A Few Good Men or To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Edition )
We love books and reading more than anything, but movies are also a very large part of our family entertainment.  We love to discuss the movie, discuss the actors, discuss the costumes (okay, I love to discuss  and my family puts up with it), as well as sets, designs etc..  The creative process fascinates us and if the movie is based on a true story we always go in search of more knowledge about the people, the facts etc..  

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