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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Catholic T's for Christmas 2016

Each year for Christmas we give our kids a Catholic T Shirt, a great way to show our love for our Faith.  When I regularly kept the blog going, I would share a post each year with the Catholic T's.  I decided to open this special place up to public view for a limited time in order to share the T'shirt choices for this year.  I always love seeing all the Christmas posts from other bloggers, and wanted to join in the fun with our own unique blend of Frat house life/Catholicism. (Amazon Affiliate links included in this post) Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and looking forward to a blessed now for the Catholic Shirts for 2016:

(I got 2 of the above, it is my favorite)

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mother's Day to Remember

We began the day by teaching CCD and going from over 30 children in our class down to 9.  This could have been due to the storms that had been going on all week. It was raining with expected thunderstorms or it could have been due to the fact that First Communion had taken place the weekend prior.  This will be my second year teaching CCD and last year my class went from about 35 down to 6.  We have one more Sunday, and I really do hope to see more of the kids before we break for the year.  Pete and I have truly enjoyed teaching them.

Pete and I took a drive out to the Dam after our class.  When we began dating in 1990, it was one of only 3 times flood water has gone over the spillway.  We used to drive out to the dam all the time, and then we've picnicked out there many times.  With so much rain over the last few weeks, we went to see the water levels.  The lake has finally reached a good level, but due to the drought over the last few years, it doesn't seem to be in any danger of the spillway being needed.

We picked up lunch for everyone and while the kids and I enjoyed lunch at home, Pete had to head in to work because of some scheduled maintenance (on Mother's Day, he didn't do the scheduling).  

When Pete got back from work, we set out to deliver our Mother's Day gifts to our Moms.  When we got to his Mom's house the tornado sirens started going off.  We headed home quickly.  When we got here the sirens had stopped.  I checked the weather, and saw that a tornado had been spotted within our county but not near us.  Then the sirens went off again.  We all headed to the closet, because the siren nearest us was blaring.

We were all huddled in the closet, including Samwise so it was more than a little tight.  The sirens went off 3 different times and we kept listening for the sound, at one point it got really loud but otherwise it didn't feel like a tornado could possibly near us.  The sky wasn't it's usual color, and the sounds were not what they usually are during a tornado.  I've been in enough tornado weather to know...except as evidenced by the photos, maybe I haven't because the tornado was right on top of us, thankfully it did not touch down.

We found out later, this was in the air above us.  It was raining hard and so cloudy you couldn't judge the sky well at all.  Surreal.

Really, this is right over my neighborhood.  I am absolutely amazed it didn't touch down and just so very thankful!

A friend of a friend shared this on facebook, this wasn't near our home but near some friends of ours.  It also didn't touch down but did create quite a bit of damage.  We are all so very fortunate.

A friend of ours shared a little history with us via facebook, which especially made us thankful.  In 1896 on May 15, 73 people lost their lives due to a tornado.

So, it was a Mother's Day to remember!  As far as I know, there wasn't anyone injured or killed due to the tornadoes in the area, thanks be to God.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Our Linus was born on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Linus's birth story is pretty amazing, I shared a little bit here.  His Great Grandmother died the day he was born, minutes apart.  We had already decided on his name prior to his birth but our beautiful nurse, Agatha insisted we had to honor his Grandmother with his name (and if you could have heard her voice, Jamaican and deep - just lovely... you would not have argued).  So, we asked what Grandma's middle name was since we'd already used her last name as one of our middle names for a different child.  Pauline was the name and we had already named him Linus Paul after Pete's brother - so it was meant to be!

You can tell in the pictures but he is sick on his birthday.  It was his first fever free day but he was still not quite himself.  He wanted a cookie cake and since we'd been in and out of the Dr.'s office and had sick children still - I went the easy route and bought him one from Sams.  He didn't mind at all, thank goodness.

We got our traditional tamales from our favorite place, Lupe's but they hardly got touched due to everyone still feeling under the weather. They made for the very best breakfast the next morning though, served with scrambled eggs and salsa - yum!  

He actually went to bed shortly after this, just worn out from a big day + he was looking forward to spending the next day with his Grandparents and did NOT want to be sick and miss it.

He did fine on Saturday, except for a cough.  The cough grew worse on Sunday and we are now administering breathing treatments and steroids to hopefully keep pneumonia away.  He seems to have always been sensitive to catching respiratory illnesses after a bad case of RSV as an infant.
Despite the flu, he really did have a great birthday - got an art set and a new Mixel set.

~On Saturday~
We opened up one of the puzzles we got last year after seeing some fun puzzles
 over at Shower of Roses.

~On Sunday~
*I think this is hilarious*
*not sorry*

We love these cookies and I made some to enjoy while decorating the tree.  We usually decorate near Gaudate Sunday.

Samwise doesn't know what to make of the tree - 
he has been pretty good though and mostly ignored it.

Playing with settings on my camera - cutting off the top of the tree in the process.

The psychedelic picture I took and didn't realize it.  I love playing with my camera and seeing what comes of it.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Supper With Santa & Sherman Parade

My children look forward to this weekend all year.  It is a whirlwind of fun.  Last year we had icepocolypse on this same weekend, remember...
and everything got cancelled. 

This year we kicked the weekend off right by helping out
Supper with Santa!
We didn't do much, our youth director had it all ready to go but we enjoyed pitching in a little.
We sure made up for this year what we missed out on last year.  

There were chili dogs, and Frito Pie....

Cookie decorating and hot chocolate.

 Supper with Santa is always in conjunction with our downtown Christmas Parade

 We had the best time, and the parade was fantastic.
I wish I had taken more photos, but I was enjoying the event so much.

Once the crowds got there, Pete and I took turns helping Benjamin enjoy the event and check out when he needed to.  We made a great team, the difference was in accepting that this might be hard for Ben before we even got there.  Pete stayed at the back, I stayed at the front and we were surrounded by good friends.  Ben easily went back and forth between us, when it got loud he ventured to Pete and when he was ready he came back up to me.  I love how our friends helped us watch over him without our even asking them to.  When I say we are blessed, I cannot emphasize it enough.

Our little town of Sherman makes for the best, family fun entertainment.  
We love, love, love our community and all it offers!
Plus, it is tons of fun to see your friends and family IN the parade!  What a great night!

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