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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The Catholic T's for Christmas 2016

Each year for Christmas we give our kids a Catholic T Shirt, a great way to show our love for our Faith.  When I regularly kept the blog going, I would share a post each year with the Catholic T's.  I decided to open this special place up to public view for a limited time in order to share the T'shirt choices for this year.  I always love seeing all the Christmas posts from other bloggers, and wanted to join in the fun with our own unique blend of Frat house life/Catholicism. (Amazon Affiliate links included in this post) Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and looking forward to a blessed now for the Catholic Shirts for 2016:

(I got 2 of the above, it is my favorite)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

That Time I Forgot to Share About Prom

Two of our guys actually went to Prom this year.  School dances don't seem to be much of a draw for our boys and only one other has gone to the Prom.  He went with a group of friends and they had a blast.  This scenario was similar except these two had dates, but they still all went as friends.  I think that despite Prom being the same weekend as Mother's Day it was still worth it, everyone had a fantastic time and made wonderful memories.

Micah and Bailey are so beautiful in their Prom Dresses.  These girls are seriously the best.

Micah is a very special part of our family.  We met her when she worked at Braums and she has a special place in our hearts as an honorary daughter.  Last Summer she helped me a ton with babysitting and driving kids places for me.  I don't know what I would have done without her.  All my kids love her, we are going to miss her when she is off far away in college next year but are excited to see what she does and where she goes in life.

I just wanted to get these memories down.  
~Prom 2016~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

~Pretty, Happy, Funny Real~

~Capturing the Context of Contentment in Every Day Life~

~Every Thursday at Like Mother Like Daughter~


My Mom has been downsizing.  She and Papa have decided to move into something more suited to their needs and I do believe it is a perfect fit.  I was the very blessed recipient of some of my Mom's favorite things and I hope it makes her happy to see them being loved here at The Burrow.  
The top photo was my Great Grandmothers bread baking bowl.  It is wooden and she would add all ingredients and knead it then let it rise all within the same bowl.  If you look closely there is an indention in the handle, it is from all the years of use where her thumb held tight onto the bowl.  I love to bake bread, and can see how handy this bowl must have been.  I do not want to harm it though so it will continue it's retirement from bread service but has been put to good use holding fresh fruit on my table.  I love having it out to see, a treasure for sure.
The middle photo are the stained glass windows my Mom placed in the Cathedral style windows of her home.  I plan to add a valance at some point to cover the top, but for now I don't mind that there isn't one.  I got some heavy weight wire wrapped in twine and hung them at my sewing window in my kitchen.  I cannot express how happy they make me.  I have one other stained glass I will share at next weeks PHFR.
The last photo is a sign of my mother's ingenuity.  When my nephew went to live with her as a baby, a very dear friend of hers gave her their own crib to use.  Their daughter no longer needed it, and Mom had grand-babies visiting as well as this special situation.  Once all the babies were all too big for a crib, she took the mattress springs and painted them bright red, then hung all her wind chimes from it.  I have always loved this feature on her back porch and am delighted that now it is on my back porch.  It sounds so pretty out there too.  

Part of my #nourish365 is to document meals etc.  These boys devoured the Broccoli Beef I made last night.  I didn't buy the skirt steak as recommended but used the stew meat I found on sale - and it was still delicious.  It makes me so happy to see them gathered together, we sure miss the ones who cannot be with us due to Military, work, etc.. 

Our bracelets came in.  We have ordered a variety of I.D. bracelets for Ben, but we thought it was a good idea for us to wear them too.  

This came up in my Timehop and I just love it, when I captured this moment I knew it was a gem, my Mom is not a fan of swimming (at all) but when her Grand kids are around she finds herself doing all kinds of things outside of her comfort zone, and having fun!  

These two, oh my goodness.  My cousins were my life growing up, I love staying in touch with them as adults and treasure all our times together.  It does my heart good to see my children have this same experience with their cousins.  I am a firm believer in the wisdom of 'The more people who love your child, the better for your child'.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, especially Grand parents - those are anchors.

Okay, this was seriously one of the best VBS years ever.  Cave Quest was awesome, the program at our parish was so fun, and a great time for learning.  This photo was from one of the games, Linus loved that his team won.  My sister-n-law took this photo for me (and by the way she lead the entire VBS, wow) that is my niece hamming it up in the background which is why I love that little girl so much - and this photo is priceless.  Linus wants VBS to come back for one more week, but we decided to play these games at our next 'all' family get together so that has pacified him for now.  It was seriously fun!

They were all laughing and smiling at their cousin's two year old birthday party until I pulled out my phone to snap a photo - then, the look of 'really Mom, again" and all other shenanigans went down.  

You are darn right I bought it, I wanted to buy them all and send them to my cousins!


Samwise has not been well.  Our poor puppy has suffered with some sort of skin irritation that we think we've finally figured out is food borne.  It is just our way of doing everything that we would fall in love with a dog that needs a designer diet - right, a designer dog.  But...we love him, and he was suffering from all the itching and his hair quickly began to fall out and as the heat poured on outside we just kept him inside but that made him miserable too.  The Vet has placed him on three different medications and a special diet to see if this will provide any relief, she keeps assuring us this is a common condition among German Shepherds, but that doesn't make us or Sam feel any better.  It does help me not feel so guilty about his state, he eats like crazy but has been losing weight.  We have finally rounded a corner this week and I do believe the meds and diet are helping.  This dog, he is just so much a part of our family, we are silly over him, we love him so much.  Everyone has pulled together to try and help him, he has the biggest heart of any animal I've ever met, and it makes us all happy he is feeling better.

Thank you for sticking with this very long PHFR, to see all the link ups or to link up yourself please visit Like Mother Like Daughter for this weeks PHFR.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dog Days of Summer


I'm unsure if the video works but this is a very big deal.  Benjamin has absolutely no fear, so going off the diving board has been 'off limits' because I'm the one with fear.  I caught him doing it anyway, and realized that in this instance I needed to reconsider the direction I was taking.  So we worked out some 'rules'.  He struggles with an awareness of others.  For example, at dinner in his mind there is only one conversation - the one he wants to have.  When selecting a movie, there is only one choice - his.  When there is a line to stand in, he disregards unless we reroute him quickly.  He just has zero awareness of others - everything is from a Ben's world view.  His teachers and Doctors have really helped us with strategies to 'make him better aware'.  Okay, so I said all that to help you understand why this video is important to me (and I do hope it is working).  Ben begged me to make wevideo (Ben word) of him going off the diving board.  I agreed, but when I caught him checking with the lifeguard if he could go I was SOOO proud of him.  The lifeguards had worked with him about 'when' to jump, like  how it isn't okay to jump right after the last diver due to the likelyhood of crashing together, or jumping on top of someone else.  They also let him know when he needed to take a break from jumping off because #they needed a break'. Often he stands on the end of the board for several minutes as he considers his jump.  He listens to them too, doesn't throw a tantrum.  This pool pass, it has been important in ways other than just letting the kids have fun! 

This is the year a pool pass was a reality.  Ben was finally at a point where I knew he would be okay without me right next to him.  His need for independence makes that hard on both of us, but his lack of an awareness of danger made going to the town pool too overwhelming for me to even consider.  

Water does something for all of us.  When I had lots of little boys under the age of 8, I used to fill up every pitcher and drag out every piece of Tupperware and then add random food coloring to them.  The boys would splash and play forever outside just pouring and mixing those concoctions.  It saved me during long, hot Summer days while Pete was working long hours and we lived thousands of miles away from family.  Even now when someone is especially out of sorts I'll recommend taking a hot shower or long bath to 'cool' off - and it always works.  So the pool, well it is all of that and more.  The younger kids play hard while we are there, they always find a friend or make a friend and the result is that each evening I've got hungry exhausted kids with the sort of calm about them that comes from a day well spent.  

The only way to make the town pool more wonderful, is to add a cousin visiting from out of town.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Ready

A post without photos, sadly yes.  I cannot figure out how to sync my Iphone to Google photos and it is sort of driving me crazy!

Summer is here and we are ready.

Noah is home until he begins his next adventure, which we are unsure what that will be yet.  He loves getting to see us, but is now 23 (almost 24) and wants to be here as temporarily as possible because INDEPENDENCE.

Elijah graduates high school tomorrow, TOMORROW.  I am so proud of him, he does not like the spotlight at all but has really stepped up this year with trying new ideas and hobbies.  He was in his first play, went to the prom, hung in there with some very challenging AP classes and when he brought home all the different Honor Cords he is wearing with his Cap and Gown I was blown away - what a go getter, this boy of ours who really is shy and tries to stay way under anyone's radar.  I am excited to watch him step into college life and see what direction he takes.

Last Summer I was working, but this Summer I am not and we are all SO VERY EXCITED.  I got our Movie Clubhouse passes and we are looking forward to our community Hot Summer Nights.  Faith is going to take Lifeguard Swim Lessons so that one day she can be one.  Linus is taking part in a tennis camp, and Benjamin will take Swim Lessons from a good friend of mine who worked with him last Summer.  We mostly plan on having lots of days with nothing to do - really, that is my plan.  I want to read books, take walks, play in the sprinkler, cook outs, campfires, and soak up the Summer Time.

My teenagers will continue to work at Braums and we will continue to enjoy making trips up there for a double dip, or my favorite an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda.

To see photos you can follow me on Instagram, but I will continue to try and figure out how to sync up the new phone because I don't think Pete is going to be ready to go Apple with our desktop for quite a while (just so I can sync photos).


Monday, December 14, 2015

A Birthday Weekend

We Got In On the Fun - sorry, no sound.

This photo is from the morning after Jonah came home, he got in late and Ben had just realized Jonah was here.  Ben rarely lets anyone snuggle him, I love this moment.

We had a wonderful birthday weekend for our resident double digit guy!  It would take something big like turning 10 to bring Pete and I to the Big Cheese place, a casino for kids, but we all had a great time and even Benjamin did really well.  We loved that Linus had such a fun birthday, filled with family and friends.

Once the party at the Casino for kids was over we came home and I fixed Thai Chicken Wraps,  a request by the birthday boy.  Friends and family joined us and the party continued as we enjoyed Jonah's game system that had a dance off.  What can I say, we love to make fools of ourselves.  

Sunday was spent recovering from Saturday and cooking, cooking cooking.  I am taking orders for baked goods and prepared 4 loaves of Pumpkin Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting and also prepared a dinner for a Bridge Club meeting Monday night.  To say the house smelled delicious was an understatement.  I also created a new soup which was a combination of Taco Soup and one I saw on my favorite cooking site (yes, I've totally stepped away from a vegetarian/plant based quasi diet) (I think it is fair to say I have a bi-polar diet) and the results were amazing.  I wish I had taken pictures, but when I make it again I will write down the recipe/take pictures and share!

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