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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Room of My Own

As long as I can remember, I've wanted a sewing room.  A place to fix up, have all my supplies handy and most important - a place to create.  I love seeing the sewing rooms of others on the internet like Heather Bailey, Lindsay Wilkes, or Alicia Paulson and dreamed of setting one up for myself.  In the latest part of Summer, the opportunity presented itself for me to claim a room.  It felt a little selfish (we still have 7 children living at home) but I justified the space and Pete agreed - it was time.  

I didn't do much other than move into the room.  We've been on a roller coaster ride this past Fall with homeschooling and making trips to Children's hospital for Benjamin *and many, many visits with Dr.'s educators and the like locally) as well as all the 'normal' that comes with family life.  I've always been such a strong person, but this past Fall/Winter I've been more fragile than I'm used to.  All the information about Autism has been so helpful and it hasn't been the end of the world in the slightest - in fact, it is giving us answers we needed.  Yet, I'm more overwhelmed than I've ever been and as I've shared more than a few times - my coping mechanisms seem to be on the blink because I've just been worn thin by life lately.  I hate sharing that because, I've read how others are really being taken to task and all the pain they've experienced and the beauty and grace they've allowed us to glimpse into this precious window of their world...I feel, I have no excuse to be so spent. Yet, the reality of children actually growing up and moving away in addition to all that is going on within normal family life + allowing myself to accept the very 'real' of Autism has been too much.  I've been blindsided by it (well, I didn't really mean to start whining, sorry) and going into a separate room to sew hasn't felt right.  I don't want to be away from my family, and the available time to sew has coincided with family time.

*Katie Daisy*

This weekend our oldest child, living at home, requested to pay rent if he could possibly have his own space.  He didn't know I had already shared with Pete that the time for the sewing room wasn't right and even though I still want it one day, right now we should make it back into a bedroom.   We let Isaac know that while he is in college, he needn't worry about paying rent and that we would consider some room changes.

I can understand his need for a little quiet.

I posted this to Instagram recently:
I stayed up past midnight with a quiet house for the first time in years Sunday night - just to enjoy the silence.  Don't get me wrong - I love my rowdy bunch, but I crave quiet at times and rarely find it so I understand Isaac's request.
*not the actual post, but same sentiment*

Our house is perfect for us.

 The dining room has been an ideal place to set up as a school room too - but, the kids were using those desks very little and gathering around the table more often than not.  When they wanted to work independently, they went off to their bedroom to sit at a desk.  The cluttered look of all those desks was also starting to wear on me visually.

So, we did some room re-arranging yesterday with bedroom to be changed up soon.  Isaac will get his own room and I'm not sad to lose the sewing room.  I think I'll get a lot more accomplished being in the heart of the home:

The table itself is cluttered, but it is the best I could do.  

The hutch has been on the back wall for so long, moving it to the side created a whole different feel and it really does look pretty here.

Fabric is absolutely one of my favorite things and seeing stacks of all those pretty colors has always inspired me to get to quilting and creating.  I took over this bookshelf to keep my fabric close by and hope it doesn't look too strange in the dining room. We moved the computer desk out of the dining room altogether. *Elijah made both of the bird houses*

All the kids school books have been living here in baskets.  I'm moving the baskets to a closet so that they can easily be reached during school hours - and then put away.  I love having a less cluttered hearth and the Holy Family helps us refocus on 'hearth and home/family'.

I may have lost out on a room of my own, but it is fine because I wasn't really using it anyway.  Isn't it funny how you think you want something only to find out it just wasn't right for you (at least not now).  I know I'll get more accomplished on my projects having my sewing in a central location.  Isaac gaining the room is the best plan for the space and I'm happy to pass it on to him while he is still with us (and I know his time at home is very short right now *sigh*)

Thursday, October 3, 2013


I really like the idea of promoting the places I love, where we visit and where we have fun.  I've decided in an effort to better support our local community I will begin linking to all the various places and events instead of keeping private about that.  I feel a bit safer to continue to not use our names, but those of you who know me, know who we are anyway.  There isn't a huge amount of traffic that this ole blog gets, but even if it does a little bit to support our local community, I'm willing to share.
Hopefully, a (P,H,F,R) post will be up later this evening.  We are nearing Tech week on Frankenstein so my time is limited right now.  If you live in the North Texas area, you do not want to miss this show!
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