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Friday, May 1, 2015


1.  We decided to use the Couch Potato to 5k as a "PE" program in our homeschool.  Linus thinks I'm trying to kill him, he is convinced of it and tells me so each time my phone announces it is time to run.  He is making it though, and it is time we got back into shape.  I'm proud of him and Faith for doing this with me.  I used to run all the time, but that was many MANY years ago.  If we keep this up, I think we should do a 5k together to celebrate!  I'll keep you posted.

2.  Avengers:  Age of Ultron is coming out tomorrow, so my crew is going to the show this evening for the 'pre'view.  I love how my boys all enjoy these movies, because they are each one very different with their own tastes and preferences, but The Avengers brings them together, they bond over superheroes, what can I say.  

3.  Speaking of boys.  Jonah called us this week while Simon was home sick from school.  These two are fairly similar in their charming/precocious combination and oddly enough they are both frequent flyers in the Nurses office...and they both take offense when I point that out.  So Jonah video calls while Simon is here and I bring that fact up.  Simon let Jonah know the nurses love him more, they even have a mug with his name on it so he can get coffee when he goes by to see them.  Jonah knows this isn't true so he ignores the comment and wants to know if they ever ask about him, do they know Simon is his little brother?  "No, no they don't remember you at all" Simon Jonah retaliates by grabbing a quilt I made him many years ago and starts saying "Look, look what Mom made me because she loves me the most"  *and the truth is, I got stuck on an unfortunate bear claw patch for Noah's quilt and so out of all the quilts I've made only Jonah and Elijah have one from me out of my children...yes, I am ashamed of this*....and he starts rubbing this little fact in Simon's face.
Simon responds (and doesn't miss a beat)  "The nurses made me a quilt"
Jonah about died.  It was greatness!  I love these two.

4.  We recently watched this video:

and it came back to bite me.  I never expected to get a text from Ben's teacher telling me that he got in trouble for break dancing at school.  I texted back:  "Break dancing???"  Really???  She said yes, but that he hurt his knee and so he did finally stop.  I was dumbfounded, where on earth had he picked that up....then, I remembered.  I already knew we needed to be careful what we watched with Ben around (don't get me started on the parent fail Weeping Angel issue we've had going on for 2 years now) but, I never expected break dancing to be one of the things he would get stuck on.

5.  We've been binge watching Pushing Daisies (after Ben goes to bed, I can't even begin to imagine what this show would do to him, he is very literal), why oh why was the series cancelled?????  I love the quirkiness and the Pie Hole, my favorite Kristin Chenoweth is in it and the whole story line is just fun, I especially love the colors, the costumes and the sets!!

6.  My friend Anne has continued to tweak and work on the decals, I am loving everything she has come up with to assist the special needs community.  She has a website here where you can order. 

7.  I cannot believe tomorrow is already May (or rather today since I know this will be published on Friday and I'm writing Thursday night).  The year has flown by too fast, I hope and pray that Summer slows down to a snails pace.  One thing I'm very excited about this Summer is a workshop being put on by our local children's theater.  Stages Too is a one act play writing conference, it goes on for 3 days and it is even set up with a block of rooms at our local hotels and meal packages for those traveling from out of town to attend.    It is going to be fantastic!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday

1.  Please pray for Fulton!  Kelly has spent Easter in the hospital with him as he struggles to recover from a chest cold.  

2.  Please pray for my Jonah.  He is no longer in the states which means he is in the Middle East now.  My family all responded in text messages letting me know they are praying for him, and I would love your prayers too.  He assures me he isn't in any danger, but I'm no fool.  Please pray for him!

3.  I posted on facebook that I was in search of a private swim teacher for Benjamin, someone who could work with Autism.  I have to admit my 3 youngest have never been to swimming lessons.  I didn't have a way to explain Ben beyond the TBI and I didn't have a way to explain TO Ben why Faith and Linus could take but he couldn't so I just kept putting it off (I knew a swim class would never work for him).  I started looking for a private teacher a few years ago, but the only one I found I was told has a real 'throw them in the water, splash them in the face' 'they'll get used to it, they have to' approach....well, let's just make Ben terrified of the water was my response - No.  
So, as it turns out a friend I've known forever is able to do this.  I remember hearing that she could teach swimming lessons, but had no idea of her ability to work with special needs kids.  I am overjoyed about this, and cannot wait for Summer now!

4.  We are a little more than a month away until Noah is home!!!  You can bet I am already planning menu's based around his favorites.  Whenever I write this cookbook (and I am), I'm going to have sections for each of my children with their favorite recipes and stories about growing up in our rowdy family.

5. The whole high blood pressure, post hysterectomy weight gain blah, blah, blah.  I'm done.  I'm just done.  I'm going to eat, I'm going to exercise, I'm going to cook good food.  Where I land, I land.  I'm not going to sweat it anymore.  I'm just done with that.  I'm happy I lost a bazillion pounds and got my BP down a few years ago, post hysterectomy everything went wonky and my metabolism hit a low.  I think my body just needs time to figure out how to exist in a way it didn't before.  Good news, my BP is staying down.  Stress has been high this year, and I think that is a contributing factor to all the wonky though.  I'm returning to Adoration once a week, that works like a balm for me.   I have lots to pray about, see #2 

6.  Pioneer Woman posted a giveaway on her blog for Melanie Shankle's new book  Nobody's Cuter Than Your.  Well, I've been under a rock because I'd never heard of her or her other have I missed out on her????  I got an audio copy of Sparkly Green Earrings: Catching the Light at Every Turn     and from the moment I started listening I could hear my cousin Julie and I talking.  I love, love, love this Melanie Shankle, oh my does she ever get things like I get things - her sense of humor is the best.  I know you've all probably already read this book and her 2nd one tooThe Antelope in the Living Room: The Real Story of Two People Sharing One Life    but she is new to me (who knows why I never heard of her before, I usually stay on the whole Catholic Mom Blog route and even then I'm horrible about visiting regularly anymore) and I'm loving the laughs this book is giving me, very heartwarming too.

*Amazon affiliate links in this post*

7.  Does anyone else have a crazy need to keep their pantry stocked?  My husband vacillates between teasing me about my irrational fear of us starving to death and being completely frustrated by it - doesn't anyone else panic if there are only 2 cans of evaporated milk left in the pantry????  I mean, there should always be 4 (or more) cause you never know. 
 I don't really fear we will starve, I just have this calm peaceful feeling when the pantry is stocked completely full to the brim - it's like a Xanax to me.  I don't believe in reincarnation, but if I did you can bet I watched my children die of starvation, in a former life, for the way I bemoan an unstocked pantry.  I mean, you all have 3 things of mustard at the ready right? (and 1 box of triscuits means it's time to go shopping)....I don't seem to have this problem about toilet paper though, we forever and always remain nearly out of it because I absolutely hate buying it, Didn't we just run out last week...and now I have to buy it again.  I struggle with paying money for things like tp and light bulbs, I just want them to last forever and will eek out as long as possible between purchases.  Pete wants me to think of them like I do boxes of triscuits but my brain won't go there.  Apparently, in that fictional former life tp wasn't an issue and neither were lights.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Seven Quick Takes

1.  I absolutely love this article, 'What Would My Mom Do? {Drink Tab and Lock us Outside}'  My Mom might have enjoyed Tab, and occasionally she and my Aunts might have enjoyed some Margaritas or Bloody Mary's (my Dad and Uncles would have been drinking Schlitz).  Way back in the late 70's early 80's when we asked to get a drink, we were told "there is a water hose" and I love this article for affirming THAT WAS OKAY!  This article pays homage to the non-helicopter parenting ways of the past and I love it for that and I love that I got to grow up in a time when the worst thing that could happen is if  you said "Go To He**" to your neighbor.... because you didn't know that was wrong......and maybe you'd heard it before (on a few occasions, ahem).....(and you thought you were being funny)....but realized a spanking later that, it is not actually funny At. All.
And this was not abuse, but parenting by people who love you - THE MOST!

2.  I just spent the last hour being lectured to about courage and bravery by my Marine son.....hmmmmm.  Sometimes the most courage and bravery is utilized when  being silent and letting someone else Roar.  

3.   I'm writing a post on not judging a book by its cover.  I have to fine tune it because I want it to convey less snark and more love.  I once found a note on my van that read "Jesus carried his cross to Calvary for you, but YOU cannot even walk across the street for Him"   The short story is:  I parked next to the church in rainy weather to deliver soup for Lenton Soup Nights while I had 9 children in my care, under the age of 12...the long story will be the post.
 Ouch, those words stung and the person who left them had no idea what I was battling.  
It is a lesson, and a big one but I love the anonymous person who left this message and I know they feel bad for having left it once they understood the circumstances.
So my post needs to be handled with care. 

4.  This Ted Talk:  I am Jake has my wheels spinning.  You see Ben is really high functioning.....until he isn't. 
 I love this, and I love that by Jake sharing he helps me view things differently.  Benjamin will not and absolutely refuses to do math problems unless they are side by side - not up and down.  I love the idea of thinking vs. learning.  So much to think about here.

5.  My love of Nacho Cheese Doritos has been used against me.  Son #6 brought some home for work and offered that if I would make Tator Tot Casserole again, he would bring home Nacho Cheese Doritos.  I think we are on to something here....I'm not above a little bribery.

6.  Rachel left a comment on my {PHFR} post this week and I went back to check out her own blog....color me in love, just wow.  I am a sucker for a Marine Wife for obvious reasons, but other than that, she has such cute kids and a great blog...go check her out, so cute!

7.  This has been my first 7 Quick takes in forever, I really REALLY love Kelly at This Ain't the I'll probably be a regular participant in this link up.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

7 - Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes about our anniversary, Halloween, and posts you should be thankful I never wrote

St. Francis of Assisi - we love this feast day and are really happy to have gotten our kitten so near his feast.  I'm being persuaded to add one more so that she isn't lonely and the kids are using St. Francis as leverage (it is working too).  We will see if our Animal Shelter has something else that will work, who knows it is always good to have a few mousers around when you live right up next to a huge field.

Pete is still traveling - I'm really missing my husband right now, the kids are too.  We knew it would be 2 years of travel, but we are over that mark now and ready to be a family again.  I pray that soon the company will find something for him that will allow us to be under one roof again.  I have not lost sight of the fact that he has a job, and especially right now as other's are on Furlough (please keep them in your prayers as well as others who have recently found themselves unemployed). It is a good way to keep my focus on gratitude instead of the hardship of parenting without him.  I miss him still.

KarenTrina Childress - Regardless of if you homeschool or not, you want to check out her blog.  Karen has great tips on the SAT/ACT prep as well as lots of other words of wisdom.  A mother of 7 children that has a practical, no nonsense approach that I find easy to follow.  While reading I'm constantly nodding my head in agreement, much like when reading Leila.  I know her and have met some of her amazing kiddos, so it is easy for me to see that there is a value in what she has to share.  Check it out, you'll be glad you did!

Magic and History The War
wizard 225x300 Magic and History Program Slated Wizard: A Tale of Magic and the Civil War in Beardsley Arena Theater of Ida Green Communication Center.   
We are so fortunate to live near Austin College.  Tonight we get to see a wonderful magic show for the whole family, and it will also be full of history too.  We are all very excited and sometimes I really do have to pinch myself that we have these kinds of programs available to us in our not so big town.  It makes me very happy to have moved back to the North Texas area!  

Symphony Orchestra - Saturday night will be the first concert of this years series .  Students are $10 and the cost for adults is between $15 and $25 depending on seating or you could purchase a Season Pass which includes a great family value package.  We do our best to make it to each performance, but sometimes schedules do not allow for it.  We are really fortunate to have a community that supports the Arts and for a family like ours (large) we appreciate the pricing because it allows the kids to be exposed to so much culture with very little cost to us - a win/win!  It is also a very fun evening, living in a small town or a not so big town means that at each event you see many old friends and usually make a few new ones and the entire family is welcome.

Frankenstein - Sunday begins tech week, which means it is EVERY night of rehearsal with performances beginning Thursday night.  #3 is working lights for the show and I'm really impressed with all the effects the show has.  The music is also spot on, our amazing Jim Barnes has created a sensational backdrop of sound that really enhances the over all mood of each scene of the play.  I'm also really biased about Maria since #7 plays her. All the actors are wonderful and create such a great Gothic feel to this play.  The director Anthony Nelson has done it again is all I can say, we are very fortunate to have his talent in our community. I cannot wait to hear the audiences reaction to this awesome show, it is going to be so fun over the next few weeks.  We just have to get through tech week first, and that is never easy.

Bishop Kevin Farrell - I think it is really cool that our Bishop has a blog,  I also love that through his blog I can find out about events happening within our Diocese.  The University of Dallas is having a Ministry Conference that I truly wish I could attend.  In the schedule of talks there are slated speakers for Special Education within the Catholic Schools.  This is a topic very dear to my heart.  I have a child who is receiving Special Education services within our local Catholic School and I see how the need is growing for this type of intervention in order to assist children with learning.  I look forward to all that results from the efforts made within our Diocese to assist our children of all different learning styles.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 228)
I've been meaning to share a link to Rebecca's Web Log for quite a while now.  She has such a way with words, it makes you feel like your sitting there chatting away in a very relaxed 'we've been friends forever' kind of atmosphere + she leaves the BEST comments, I always love receiving her comments.  She just went to Rome to meet a long time friend, you do not want to miss her sharing about that trip or her friend.  I am so very happy to have discovered her blog, and you really don't want to miss it - go check her out!!

We begin homeschooling the youngest of our Peas on Monday.  They are bubbling with excitement.  It is in part because they have no idea what it means to homeschool and partly because who doesn't get excited about the first day of school.  Pete helped me A LOT with the calendar and trying to work out the best flow for our day.  We decided to only focus on the first quarter, I'm using Microsoft Calendar so I can easily tweak the day to fit what works in reality.  I homeschooled a LONG time and spent hours working on calendars (by hand) which always looked great on paper, but the application wasn't as smooth.  I love that I can easily change the calendar on my computer to reflect our reality once we know it.

This is my first time to join in on Quick Takes Friday, and I kinda like it even though I'm not entirely sure if I'm actually doing it right.  I've read Jen long enough to know she isn't necessarily hung up on rules for her link ups, just happy to have you along!

I'm going to share the Netflix commercial again.  My brother-n-law Mark is in a National spot for Netflix.  I added it to yesterday's post once I figured out how to.  I don't want it over looked.  It is such a cute commercial, and of course it has about 1 second of Mark who we are so excited to see in it!

We lived next door for a brief time to the Fahey Family.  I remember all too well their darling girls and my bawdy boys climbing trees and having a good time while the neighborhood gathered each day at 3 pm to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  It was a very informal practice, if you can make it wonderful and if not, no big deal we will be praying again tomorrow.  We also had the shared experience of a bear traveling through our yards scaring all of us quite a bit.  Dr. Fahey has written what has become one of my favorite articles about homeschooling.  In Praise of Noisy Villages is wonderful, I can't recommend it enough.

We've gotten away from reading a book aloud in the evenings this Summer.  I miss it.  I'm planning to utilize the first day of school as an opportunity to revamp our evenings back to reading.  I am going to begin with "Where the Red Fern Grows".  I love that story, and my older boys have not read it in a LONG time, and my little ones have never heard it.  I hope we can make the routine work before we start another round of rehearsals and soccer practice.  As much as I don't like too full a schedule, we all love these activities so I'll figure out a way to balance it, I hope!

I am never without something to say - but, here I am at a complete loss as to what to share next.  Thanks for reading this far.  The only thing I can think of is to share that my next 'What Works For Us' is going to be about Confession.  I'll save my thoughts for that post, but as a convert and a mother I feel very strong about this particular sacrament.
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