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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Innovate.  Children by definition are innovative, no?  I mean, think about it.

A cardboard box becomes a car, a ticket counter, a puppet theater, a house.  the list goes on and on.  Do you not just love watching their imaginations take over.  The new ideas they come up with, the fun they create. 
 Innovate + children = enchanting.

A tree is no longer a tree - it is Swiss Family Robinson and the grass can move from being an ocean to the plains of Africa.  A few pieces of lumber leftover from a fence project, become the beginnings of not just any tree house, but the vehicle to many hours of fun imaginative play.

One afternoon, this was a tractor, and they are working with Almanzo and Royal - Farmer Boy style.

I also thought of how do I innovate.  Knitting springs to mind.  Maybe not as imaginative, but take some beautiful yarn and create something of beauty.

Cooking requires the ability to innovate.  Take a few ingredients like flour, water, yeast and before you know have an entirely new food - bread.  

I am truly enjoying the writers prompts from Write Alm

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Ambition is today's prompt.  Ambition.  My thoughts regarding ambition led to my adult children.  Trying to strike the balance between encouraging them to follow their dreams and be ambitious in that endeavor yet also helping them be grounded in the reality of taking the necessary steps to achieve their own lives, paths, endeavors.....we are in new territory here.
Graduating, getting a degree, joining the military.  These are all vital goals, great ambitions.  Also is the reality of how those break down into actual success at supporting ones self.  The world isn't as easy to break into anymore and racking up debt in order to sustain a living is something we encourage them to stay away from.  We are still figuring it all out as parents and learning as we go.
Ambition is a noble pursuit so long as it is grounded in reality and not the blind ambition of one at the expense of another.  Comparing young adults in their paths is not how we chose to encourage or direct.  They are each individuals, with individual goals and ideals.
Ambition can appear different depending on the lens you are looking through.  What may appear as lacking ambition to one, is actually just a longer path for another.  Helping adult children see the difference within each other and not being critical is a slippery slope.  We do well to not enter into discussions of comparing because that does nothing to encourage either party.
Parenting adult children is new ground.  Ambition in these adults is going to look different with each one of them.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


We had such a great visit with Jonah and a wonderful 4th of July.  My heart is full, it is just what I needed - having all my children under one roof, together...all of us.

It made today's #writealm prompt for -procrastinate - easy.  We have surely been procrastinating on the tree house.  Some are still procrastinating, with frequent water breaks, rest breaks, play breaks, frequent trips for more tools from the shed (regardless if Daddy asked for them or not).

He isn't procrastinating anymore.  The tree house is looking good.

The are making an art form of procrastinate.

Madeline is very into the whole idea of procrastinate!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Confer - July 2 2014

Tepeyac Family Center awarded this to me in 2005.  I didn't feel worthy of it.  I agreed because I wanted others to know reversal surgeries are a possibility.  Does anyone ever feel worthy of such recognition?  I doubt it.  
Living out the Gospel of Life, life that has been conferred upon us.  It seems too easy, but there are crosses we can allow to detract or enhance our journey.  We must pick up our cross.  I have found at the end, each cross was a gift.  I was more like Peter or doubting Thomas because initially when faced with a crisis, I let fear get in the way of sound thought and reason.  Tepeyac granted me the opportunity to correct this and then new life came x3.  I often think about how God offers us those opportunities, we may not always get to change the circumstances but we do get to shift our perspectives.
Confer, accept, fear not.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prayer - July 1 2014

Prayer is the prompt for today.  I am going to join Katherine and Write Alm and see if this will get my thoughts rolling towards writing again. 

I string together my thoughts during the day with prayer.
*for my children as I fold their clothes, prepare their meals,  get them ready for bed
I pray out loud at appointed times a day.
*grace before meals, prayers before bed, Rosary, some days - the Chaplet.
We join others in prayer at Mass, in their homes, at celebrations, at funerals

I cannot imagine my day beginning or ending with out prayer.  It is the cornerstone of my existence.
Prayer is the spiritual food that sustains me between Mass and the Eucharist.

Prayer is also what knits Pete and I together as we love/raise our children.  God guides us as we pray and answers us as we pray and links us to his mysteries - all as we pray.

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