Hi, I'm Kathryn (Kathy). You should know that my children, my husband, and my Catholic faith are my life. I love sharing recipes, blogging, all things Southern, Nacho Cheese Doritos {just being honest here} and watching movies with my family - we love to not just watch movies,   but we quote movies, and compare movies and probably drive other people crazy with our strange love, and hobby regarding the cinema.

 We have a home that operates more like a frat house than a charming little hamlet like I envisioned growing up and planning my 'one day' family...and I'm just fine with that, in fact I love it.

We do try to eat healthy, but are very practical when it comes to a grocery budget and what we enjoy (my husband would tell you I have champagne taste on a beer budget, which is true...I love to serve up delicious elegant meals).  I have a love of good food, my faith and family celebrations!

 Quilting, needle work and knitting are talents I want to improve and I share those projects here as well.

9Peas is a glimpse into our life, when you see our family here, it is because I want to capture us as I see us and where we are in these moments.  We have plenty of flaws, problems, ups and down, please do not forget that as you read .  I enjoy sharing this journal and keeping special memories on 9Peas.  Thank you for coming!

One last item, a P.S. if you will.  I go through bouts of blogging and then dry periods (years) where I don't blog much at all and even get tempted to shut the whole thing down and question if I should have ever blogged.  

So if I'm not around much, I'll be back because I've promised my adult children I will not shut down another blog, they love visiting, remembering and feeling a part of what I share - I love that too.

Blessings & Cheer,


P.S. - There are 8 boys and 1 girl.  Ages 24, 22, 21, 19, 17, 16, 12, 10, 9 and we are an Autism Family.  

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