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My Mom has been downsizing.  She and Papa have decided to move into something more suited to their needs and I do believe it is a perfect fit.  I was the very blessed recipient of some of my Mom's favorite things and I hope it makes her happy to see them being loved here at The Burrow.  
The top photo was my Great Grandmothers bread baking bowl.  It is wooden and she would add all ingredients and knead it then let it rise all within the same bowl.  If you look closely there is an indention in the handle, it is from all the years of use where her thumb held tight onto the bowl.  I love to bake bread, and can see how handy this bowl must have been.  I do not want to harm it though so it will continue it's retirement from bread service but has been put to good use holding fresh fruit on my table.  I love having it out to see, a treasure for sure.
The middle photo are the stained glass windows my Mom placed in the Cathedral style windows of her home.  I plan to add a valance at some point to cover the top, but for now I don't mind that there isn't one.  I got some heavy weight wire wrapped in twine and hung them at my sewing window in my kitchen.  I cannot express how happy they make me.  I have one other stained glass I will share at next weeks PHFR.
The last photo is a sign of my mother's ingenuity.  When my nephew went to live with her as a baby, a very dear friend of hers gave her their own crib to use.  Their daughter no longer needed it, and Mom had grand-babies visiting as well as this special situation.  Once all the babies were all too big for a crib, she took the mattress springs and painted them bright red, then hung all her wind chimes from it.  I have always loved this feature on her back porch and am delighted that now it is on my back porch.  It sounds so pretty out there too.  

Part of my #nourish365 is to document meals etc.  These boys devoured the Broccoli Beef I made last night.  I didn't buy the skirt steak as recommended but used the stew meat I found on sale - and it was still delicious.  It makes me so happy to see them gathered together, we sure miss the ones who cannot be with us due to Military, work, etc.. 

Our bracelets came in.  We have ordered a variety of I.D. bracelets for Ben, but we thought it was a good idea for us to wear them too.  

This came up in my Timehop and I just love it, when I captured this moment I knew it was a gem, my Mom is not a fan of swimming (at all) but when her Grand kids are around she finds herself doing all kinds of things outside of her comfort zone, and having fun!  

These two, oh my goodness.  My cousins were my life growing up, I love staying in touch with them as adults and treasure all our times together.  It does my heart good to see my children have this same experience with their cousins.  I am a firm believer in the wisdom of 'The more people who love your child, the better for your child'.  Cousins, aunts, uncles, especially Grand parents - those are anchors.

Okay, this was seriously one of the best VBS years ever.  Cave Quest was awesome, the program at our parish was so fun, and a great time for learning.  This photo was from one of the games, Linus loved that his team won.  My sister-n-law took this photo for me (and by the way she lead the entire VBS, wow) that is my niece hamming it up in the background which is why I love that little girl so much - and this photo is priceless.  Linus wants VBS to come back for one more week, but we decided to play these games at our next 'all' family get together so that has pacified him for now.  It was seriously fun!

They were all laughing and smiling at their cousin's two year old birthday party until I pulled out my phone to snap a photo - then, the look of 'really Mom, again" and all other shenanigans went down.  

You are darn right I bought it, I wanted to buy them all and send them to my cousins!


Samwise has not been well.  Our poor puppy has suffered with some sort of skin irritation that we think we've finally figured out is food borne.  It is just our way of doing everything that we would fall in love with a dog that needs a designer diet - right, a designer dog.  But...we love him, and he was suffering from all the itching and his hair quickly began to fall out and as the heat poured on outside we just kept him inside but that made him miserable too.  The Vet has placed him on three different medications and a special diet to see if this will provide any relief, she keeps assuring us this is a common condition among German Shepherds, but that doesn't make us or Sam feel any better.  It does help me not feel so guilty about his state, he eats like crazy but has been losing weight.  We have finally rounded a corner this week and I do believe the meds and diet are helping.  This dog, he is just so much a part of our family, we are silly over him, we love him so much.  Everyone has pulled together to try and help him, he has the biggest heart of any animal I've ever met, and it makes us all happy he is feeling better.

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  1. I do love that you love all my things! They look great in your home and I am so happy to see them being used. Yes, the apartment is just what Dave and I needed, perfect for us and perfect for Gavin. I have loved the springs on my back porch for years and now glad you do too. We would buy a chime each time we visited a place as a memory. Love you and love that you love all the STUFF! Mom

    1. Well, this comment has genuinely made my day. I cry at the drop of a hat anymore, and this got me full on. You made my day Mom, love you too!

  2. I love this post in a dozen different ways. That bread bowl with the thumbprint of love! Those wind chimes! Those handsome men gathered 'round the counter!

    God is just so good, isn't He? ♥

    1. Just realized that TECHNICALLY? I should have listed TWELVE different things. :-P

    2. PS. We LOVE doggies, especially German Shepherds, and are adding Samwise to our family prayers. ♥♥♥

    3. Margaret, I love your comment and that you visited my blog - thank you! Yes, German Shepherds are a very special breed, thank you for praying for him!!!

  3. I, too, noticed that handsome bunch gathered around the food. That is a very happy moment indeed. I also happened to notice the turquoise dutch oven. I just received one for my birthday. What do you cook in it? I really need to spend time searching for info and recipes. I'm sure Pinterest will come through.

    1. Hi Jennifer - it would be better to ask what don't I cook in it. I love it and use it constantly. It holds heat really well. My favorite use for it though is cooking turnip or collard greens. I slow simmer them all day in it and YUM! The size isn't the best for our large family, but I have managed to find a use for it practically every time I cook. I hope you enjoy yours too!

  4. This stained glass windows are exquisite!

    Also, is it possible Samwise is gluten intolerant? I know, I know... but seriously?

  5. I am so excited your kids loved Cave Quest as my parish is doing it next week! :-). My boys pretend not to look forward to VBS every year but they do!

  6. I love the bread bowl and the indentation...I have an indentation on my violin bow from my thumb and the local luthier wants to fix it and fill it way!


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