Thursday, March 31, 2016

~Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ (and a catch up post)

Capturing the Context of Contentment
In Every Day Life

These Georgia Peaches are the best, and belong under {Pretty}.
I only wish Judy had been in the picture, we actually call her
Beautiful Judy, we love her so much.

My Mom and Betty (a cousin, but more like an Aunt).  
They are both so lovely (and classy), true Southern Women.  

Growing up, I was quite proud of the fact that I had an Aunt that looked like Vivien Leigh.  I know Charlene would scoff, but I really thought it made 'me' special that she was 'my' Aunt.  Charlene has a way of always making you feel important, visiting her in Georgia was such a treat.

My Granddad passed away recently, this spray for his Casket was just beautiful.  
There is a post about this coming up.  A post about friendship, about family, and about loss.  I'm still pondering on it though.

My husband sent me these beautiful roses for Valentine's Day.  He is the best!

It has been so long since I blogged.  I have quite a bit to share~

We all gathered in February to celebrate two 40th Birthdays for 
my brother-n-law and sister-n-law.  When we gather together, there is a great deal of happiness, add live music and great food - well, it was one fun night!

We were a little road worn, and dirty from cleaning up my Granddad's house but still enjoyed being together.  My Mom and I share a very dear friend, her being there with us made us both very {happy}. 

My Aunt Jane made me promise not to show a picture of her, but that is why my Mom is smiling.  Jane and my Mom, when together laugh, and LAUGH. 
 It is always fun to be around them.

I arrived back from Georgia just in time to celebrate Pete's birthday.  Pete's Mom stepped in for me (thank you so much Barbara) to make sure Pete had a special day.  I had planned a party at our house, but unexpected travel to Georgia made that difficult.  Pete still had a great birthday though.

The weather finally being warm enough to eat outside and cool enough for no mosquitoes.

Ben found the Golden Egg!

Eight cousins were missing (and were missed) and two of my grown children, but here are the Scheibmeir Grandkids from Easter 2016, these kids make us all SO happy!

I don't think any other photos can beat this!


Pete was in 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'.  
(these are rehearsal photos, before the set was built)
We let our kids audition to be 'no neck monsters' and Faith convinced Pete to
get up there too.  When he was offered a part, he couldn't believe it and doubted himself for quite a while, but in the end he enjoyed it immensely and looks forward to being in another show one day.  
Theater is addictive, especially our local Theater.

Finally, one more real:
I am no longer working outside the home, which means there will be more blogging  sharing our family, Faith, food, and all the 9Peas adventures.  

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