Thursday, February 19, 2015

See Me Homeschool

I was really excited to be given the day after Ash Wednesday for my 'blog hop' day.  I couldn't wait to take photos of us trundling off to Mass and all the rest that entails an unusual homeschool day for us (because we don't go to daily Mass, hopefully one day).  Well, a nasty cold started to take hold of me on Tuesday and Wednesday I woke up very sick.  I felt much MUCH better by the end of the day, but it completely re-arranged all our plans.  Pete took the kids to Mass at 6 pm, because despite feeling better I was worried about being contagious.  This is not a 'normal' homeschool day, but then again it is very 'normal' because we always have curve balls come into our day redirecting the way in which we do school.  We don't start with games of Monopoly though so that should be a sign that I didn't feel well at all.....I'll do my best to be quiet now and just share the photos.  
First though, for those of you who are new to my blog:
Noah and Jonah are all grown up and out on their own.  Noah is in Florida doing an internship at Florida Studio Theatre and Jonah is a Marine stationed in Norfolk, VA.
Isaac works part-time at a local bank while attending our local Community College for 2 years prior to leaving for a University.
Elijah, Simon Peter, and Tobias attend our local public schools.
and the youngest trio are homeschooling
Benjamin has Autism, so his school day is a bit different than Faith and Linus.

*disclaimer, this photo is from Tuesday - I forgot to take one during reading time*

Thank you so much to Theresa and Micaela for hosting this, please see this post for all the links and to join in see this post.


  1. I loved this, Kathy! Your family is beautiful!
    I especially loved the picture of Tuesday's reading time and the lunch collage :) I also enjoyed the piles of laundry, sewing machines in the background, and your daughter's knitting projects!
    Thanks so much for sharing your day with us! I'm so glad you participated!

  2. I love seeing glimpses of people's days. It looks cozy! And oh my, all those sewing machines--what a treat!

    What phonics program were you using on the computer? I could use a spice up in that department for a couple of mine.

    1. Hope, it is just Starfall, a free online program. Benjamin loves it!

  3. Oh my goodness! The braids, the knitting! That was you *not* feeling well?! You must be a rock star then. :) Your family is really lovely, and the photos are great. Thanks for joining us!

  4. I love everything about your family.

  5. Wow Kathy! So great to see your home and all your schooling in action!


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