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*First, I have sorely missed my blog, my blogging friends, and capturing our memories.  Now that life has finally settled a bit (before the real fun of graduation season begins) I'm determined to be back.  I had no idea how easy it was to slip out of a habit I enjoy so much.  Pete is home now and life is settling into a new normal.  We are still in that honeymoon phase of 'isn't it wonderful' and I suspect that will last a good long time.  So onto {Pretty, Happy, Funny Real} and oh how I've missed my favorite link up!


I picked these dishes out when I was 18 years old and had no idea what I was doing when registering for our wedding at Dilliards.  I still love them today and would absolutely pick them again!  They are no longer being made, and I still would love to find the tea pot somewhere.  The design is Blossom Time by Nikko.   I remember a few raised eyebrows when we set for 15 place settings, and I am so glad we did because 9 children later, 15 was probably an underestimate.  

The actual moment they got to hug their Dad as he rolled in the driveway after a very long drive from New York to Texas.

Our community is going to do an outdoor production of "A MidSummer Night's Dream" - Shakespeare In the Grove!  (I'm going to sometimes use my kids names now, it is fun to use their numbers, I just love their names though).
Noah #1 will be home for the Summer after he graduates from College and he will play - Starvling
Tobias #6 - Flute
Faith #7 - Mustardseed (and the director promises that was not intentional, but we love it)
Linus #8 - Moth
This will be a first for our community, and I just know it is going to be amazing!

Cousins having a great Easter together!

This is also for Heather's "This Week In My Kitchen"
Four of my teens attend school.  Packing their lunch is a feat, and I actually enjoy it.
Today's lunch for everyone but #5 Simon.
*Bag of chips
*Pastrami Sandwich
*Cheddar Cheese Stick
*Carrot & Celery Sticks
*Boiled Egg

Simon's Lunch (hypoglycemia)
*Quinoa Oat Crackers
*Double meat/Double Cheese Sandwich on Ezekial Break (no simple carbs allowed)
*Apple & Grapefruit
*Cheddar Cheese Sticks
*Boiled Egg
*Carrot & Celery Sticks


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when you blog! :) So excited to be in Midsummer Night's with your awesome kiddos!

    1. I'm so glad your coming over for dinner tonight!

  2. You look like you have that teen lunch concept totally under control! It's so hard to find healthy food to pack and go sometimes. Enjoy your week1

  3. I LOVE it when you blog too!! That picture of your husband coming home and the boys welcoming him brought tears to my eyes. I felt the love, joy and relief all from one photo!

    Those dishes of yours are beautiful!! I wonder if any antique shops would know about the teapot? (or possibly be able to find it) -not that you are that old or anything, but they have better resources for finding treasures!

    That play sounds amazing!! How exciting for all of you! My oldest daughter would LOVE to be in a play like that!
    (love your children's names too)

    SO nice you have cousins close by! Fun times for your kids!

  4. If you like to blog, but find you don't have as much time, just do it when you can. Always love to read it, no matter when you post. I agree about the photo of Pete's return speaking so much. It is a wonderful photo.
    Love your dishes, too. 15 place settings is not nearly enough, is it? LOL

  5. Hopping over from Heather's blog, I just have to comment! I'm the oldest of nine kids, I have one brother. Just the opposite of your family. :)

  6. I love both your dishes and your hutch! Beautiful and classic... I wish I had such good taste when I was registering for my wedding. :-)

  7. i am so happy to find your blog! i have 7 children myself. love to see other big families! <3

  8. I love your dishes too. And love your lunches all packed up. I have two kids and when my kids have their day out in the woods (we homeschool) and we need to make lunch (for two!) it's a chore all work together in. Now I am laughing at how little work that actually is, even when we split that task... funny.

  9. Those dishes are Fabulous! So glad your husband is finally home!

  10. Simon's lunch...YUM!
    I've missed your blogging, I love everything you share!
    LOVE the china print....I'll keep my eyes open at rummage sales, you never know.
    Can't WAIT to hear about the play, it sounds like SO much fun. I'd love to bring my children to something like that. And Faith's character is awesome!
    Happy Easter Week you all!

  11. Love your post today because of all the joy going on! Thanks for all the prayers :)
    Btw, shared with my husband the 8 ball story while driving on our trip ;)
    Had a good chuckle out from it.

  12. Love the group hug with dad and the big family gathering! :)

  13. Yay! You're back!!!!
    Love it when I see a new post from you, my friend!
    Those dishes...
    I am in love!
    Enjoy the weekend with that beautiful family.

  14. What lovely dishes! Perhaps one day you will find a teapot for your set. :-)

  15. I love your dishes too! We were hardly frugal when choosing our china, and hardly considered having 7 children. We ended up buying most of our 12 place settings ourselves and it isn't enough to use for company! (Though we have parceled it out---dinner plates for grownups, salad plates for children, etc). So glad your husband is home. That photo of the cousins laughing---totally made me laugh! What character! Love it!

  16. Pretty plates! Looks like you are on top of all those lunches as well :)

  17. Love your dishes as well. Check out Replacements Ltd. online. The carry just about everything from everywhere!


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