Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Technology & Blogging - What Works For Us (or isn't)

Garth Williams, from Farmer Boy - one of my all time favorite books.

On my post Technology & Teens I shared some of the guidelines we follow to help keep technology in its place within our home.  I've been spending quite a bit of time rethinking those guidelines and coming up with something that I feel helps en-kindle the home life my husband and I want to create for our children.

You see, I could get up in the early morning to blog (like I am today) but I have a VERY early riser and while he is not awake yet - he will be soon.  I do not want his memories to be of his Mom clicking away on the computer every morning that he woke up while a very little boy.  This is important to me, and not a judgment on anyone else.  Since I also have a son who is nearly 22, I know this time goes quickly.  My oldest was grown and I kept thinking in my heart "I still have not figured out how to mother, and his childhood is done".  I do not want to feel that way again.  I gave this a lot of thought and decided that breakfast before blog is a necessary.  I'm making an exception today to explain the continued delay in my returning.

I could blog in the evenings.  I have older children, and the cut off for their time on the internet is 9 pm.  My younger children go to bed at 8 pm and there is a bit of a shift after that.  8 to 9 allows for that shift and isn't an ideal time to blog.  I don't want to miss out on the evenings with my older boys so I'm not going to regularly blog then either.  I absolutely enjoy this time with them.  10 pm is bedtime because in this house we still have that structure in place.

I have adult children, who I do not require to go to bed at 10 pm (even though I turn in).  They respect the quiet that is necessary for the home (and usually are tired and go to bed anyway).  I trust my children, I genuinely have faith in their good judgment.  Pete and I still decided that because we love them, because it is OUR home we cut off the internet at 10 pm when we go to bed.  I don't think I realized how often I would come sit and blog or read blogs after 10 pm.  I cut that avenue off because what is good for them is good for me too.

Pete and I want to put habits into place that encourage something closer to the first picture and less like the one below....
*photo pulled from Google Images*

I will find a good time, and continue to blog (I really do love it) but for now I am remembering this....

I'm raising a family, not a blog.

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